Privacy Policy

Hunt Electrical Ltd. collects and retains contact information including; your name, address, phone number and email address.


We will keep this information on file for at least 5 years plus the current year, after last working for you, as this would be information included on invoicing documents we would need to submit to HMRC if requested to do so.


Electronic copies of invoices and estimates will be deleted and paper copies will be securely destroyed after 6 years.


Hunt Electrical Ltd. only uses your information to contact you to carry out the service you have requested of us, e.g. to provide you with a quote, contact you to arrange an appointment, send you our invoice.


Our website does not store any information. Once the contact form is completed, this sends directly to our email address and unless you decide to engage us in a project, no information will be kept. We have no need to keep the information of someone who makes an enquiry but does not wish to proceed with our service; we will then delete this information from the email system.


We do not share this data with anyone, unless they are directly involved with helping us to carry out our contract arrangement with you, e.g. a sub-contractor. Or they are involved in the pursuit of debt collection due to non-payment of an invoice.


The client is able to request in writing to that we no longer contact them using their information once a contract is completed and paid for in full. We will delete their phone numbers and email addresses, and archive their details on our system but as mentioned above, we will need to keep at the invoicing name and address on file, as part of our auditable documentation, but we will no longer actively use it.


You may email us at to ask what data we hold for you and how it has been used.