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Safety Policy

The promotion of Health and Safety is regarded as a mutual objective for management and employees at all levels.

Management will:

  • Provide and maintain a safe and healthy working environment in accordance with the relevant statutory requirements
  • Ensure that all risk assessments cover all work done by the company. Permit to work systems/isolations etc. will be actively managed. Work on clients’ premises will be subject to pre-work surveys and briefings, and will be controlled by written work instructions where necessary
  • Make available appropriate work equipment and personal protective equipment and supervise its use. The company will also review the purchase, calibration and storage of work equipment, and train users in the correct and safe use of the equipment
  • Set a good example in safety behavior
  • Maintain a constant and continuing interest in all aspects of safety, in particular by making regular plant and safety inspections, stimulating joint consultation on safety matters and monitoring safety procedures
  • Management will appraise all work methods periodically to ensure that the safest possible methods are adopted and ensure that lessons are learned. To this end, everyone will be encouraged to record all irregularities/incidents/accidents that occur

Employees will:

  • Work safely and efficiently by using the protective equipment provided and recognise industry best practice and statutory obligations
  • Adhere to company procedures, jointly agreed on their behalf for securing a safe working place and adhere to any client procedures identified to them
  • Co-operate in the recording of incidents/accidents etc. to ensure that lessons learned are properly incorporated in the company working methods, to prevent re-occurrence.
  • Report all incidents that have led or may lead to injury
  • Participate in appropriate training

Covid 19 Arrangements:

Hunt Electrical Ltd. will provide our employees with suitable mask, wipes and other necessary equipment as advised by the Government to assist our engineers to work safely in your premises.

Social distancing rules between our employees and clients must be adhered to.

If our employees have reason to believe you may have covid 19 symptoms or otherwise do not feel safe entering your property, then they may refuse to enter until they are satisfied they are not at risk. In the same way, if they start to feel unwell and suspect they may pose a threat to the health of others, then they will remove themselves from site. They will not return to work until they have been tested and identified as virus free.

We will review these procedures as the Government revises the guidance on the pandemic.